Tank Farm Bekasovo refined products terminals receive refined products from pipelines, barges, and trucks and distribute them to third parties, who in turn deliver them to end-users and retail outlets. Terminals are facilities where products are transferred to or from storage or transportation systems, such as a pipeline, to other transportation systems, such as trucks or other pipelines. Terminals play a key role in moving product to the end-user markets by providing the following services: storage; distribution; blending to achieve specified grades of middle distillates and Fuel Oil, and other ancillary services that include the injection of additives, our refined products terminal facilities consist of multiple storage tanks and are equipped with automated truck loading equipment that is operational 24 hours a day. This automated system provides controls over allocations, credit, and carrier certification.

Tank Farm Bekasovo Terminal is suitable for storage Gasoil and Fuel Oil, with flash point above 60 °C. Three sets of trucks loading arms and Four Pumps sets for Trucks Loading.

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